Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Princess Dreams

Ah-mazing Pants from Asos

 I'm always looking for pants that fit comfortably yet hug in all the right places...these are awesome!

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Coffee By the Week

Alright Lovelies, you might have noticed my logging on and off the blog of late. It's been going on for a while but I am losing interest in this blog, facebook, twitter world I've become a part of. Few followers, few readers and  I feel ignored by most of the blogosphere. Its alright because I have no interest in continuing blogging in the regular fashion I had before. There's a few more weeks of this. i hope you've enjoyed my stay here. I am sorry i have not been more successful in reaching out to more readers, but I am a single Mom of one after all. enjoy the rest of the week!

Coffee By Week is an ongoing project documenting Mike Harding's coffee consumption for the year 2009. The aim 'is to throw a fresh perspective on, and discover patterns in, something that has become a routine, habitual part of every day.'

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