Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Loves

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I love to dab this serum on my face when working out or when I'm off to bed. It revitalizes my skin and undoes years of damage from sun exposure.

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Bobby Brown is the source for everything make-up and she proves it in this magic corrector. It is truly awesome and I love how bright it makes my eyes!

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I fell in love with this liner on the recommendation of the wonderful Chanel makeup specialist who was wearing it. It is safe enough to wear close to your eyes and gives a finished look without any fear of smearing through-out the day! Love it.

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Don't forget the creamy concealer kit, packed with a concealer with added moisturizers and a nifty powder to finish off that clean look!

I love this scent. Soft, clean, delicate. I cannot recommend it enough. Test it out next time you're at the beauty and fragrance counter! Instant love!


Care for a little window shopping with yours truly? Just  a few of what caught my eye as I was compartmentalizing what I saw into the categories I needed them for..I know, I know what do I need a cybernetic head system (below) for?! Well, you never know..;)


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