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Robert Frost said "People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character."

On my Places to Go..The Girl and the Goat

Stephanie Izard..the girl in The Girl and the Goat

If you live in Chicago and you appreciate good food, you are automatically recruited into a class of foodies of the elite kind. Chicagoans love their meat and their deep dish pizza (yeah, pretty much what we're known for..), but there's more to us than just that. A certain class of gastro-scientists exist in our midst and they love to mix those unnatural elements and weave them into an experience you've never tasted before. Enter Stephanie Izard and her appreciation of all that is goat cheese and goat meat and viola! The Girl and the Goat is born...

And then there's all that goat. It's on that pizza, in a homemade sausage, and it forms the base of a delicious slow-cooked sumo, sweetened with gooseberries and rosemary and tossed with homemade pappardelle. When I asked Izard how she'd come to embrace—and name the restaurant after—that ingredient, she explained that theizard is a breed of Pyrenees goat, and that she'd never cooked with it before opening the restaurant. She started reading up on the meat and became fascinated with the myriad ways that cooks in other cultures used it. Now she buys it from a local farm and goes through seven whole goats each week.  linked here

Lamb ribs

rabbit rillete


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The famous (or infamous, if you prefer) pig face

images via the Chicagoist

Hilarious review of the "pig face" here

Mmm. Grilled baby octopus with serrano, reviso, celery root, braised pistachio, and red bliss potato
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The blood orange sorbet, parsnip pot de creme, pistachio cake, and three sisters cornmeal crust with cheddar cheese. 

a peek at the dessert menu

A heart felt thanks to all those Chicago food lovers out there. I never go anywhere to eat without first reading your priceless recommendations! Thank you, thank you!!