Monday, April 4, 2011

In Red

Life beats down and crushes the soul... and art reminds you that you have one.  ~Stella Adler  via

From the works of Zhang Peng...haunting, chilling and unforgettable.

Zhang Peng’s photographs look like stills from fantasy animation films; they are in fact documents of elaborate sets featuring little girls. Originally trained as a painter, Zhang approaches his compositions with a heightened sense of drama, using intense colours, theatrical props, and obscure angles of perspective to create a sense of artifice and illusion from reality.

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Shelving with a Higher Purpose

Curated by John Simonian out of reclaimed hardwood..

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Chung-Tang Ho was responsible for the creation of a cabinet that changes shape during use. The cabinet is actually a soft sculpture that one's items can become participants in, thus the idea of art being a communal and interactive effort, and not just a piece of work to admire from afar. 

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In her own words... text quoted from here

My necklaces look like sculptures and have been inspired by woven branches, earrings are made like antique lace, and rings take on the form of nature (the bark of a tree, the veins of an ivy leaf, rose petals). My creations are not preconceived designs or projects but come from my observations of my surroundings — from architecture, nature, and above all inspirations that are suggested by the materials that are used. I like to touch, mould, and modify wax around stones and minerals that I find while travelling abroad or perhaps in mineral markets.

A pair of oxidised silver 'Ovali' hanging earrings from Barbara Biffoli