Tuesday, March 15, 2011


From the works of the talented Noemie Goudal. Enjoy.






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Liking This

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Tauba Auerbach

I am a huge fan of Tauba Auerbach and have mentioned, in passing, her work before, as seen here. But it never occurred to me how influential she is in the world of art, design and, now, jewelry. Come journey with me through all the different mediums this well-versed artist articulates herself, won't you?

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Tauba Auerbach manages to distill the content of her latest book, 50/50, into one brief summary:100 Pages 100 Patterns, 50% Black 50% White. True to her word, there is no text in this book, the 100 pages to follow contain only black and white patterns.

Jewelry line as seen here..

The Future of Fashion

Dress N3 (also known as the zipper dress) by Sebastian Errazuriz is composed of 120 separate pieces that you can zip together in a number of different ways to create various combinations / different outfits.

Hussein Chalayan Airplane Dress

Pablo Reinoso has adapted the traditional aesthetics of antique chair designs to create creative custom works of wood art and fashion.

In the above pictures, bags were abstracted to simple shapes reminiscent of frames but in no way to carry actual objects. And if you want to see more from this designer, check out the 'Spaghetti Benches' below..Wow!