Friday, March 11, 2011

Design Squared


hiddenk cd

lovecraft affiche

lovecraft book

van dieren karkowski

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Based in Geneva, Notter + Vine graphic designers extraordinaire. Love the simplicity and the pared down look of their work. They have been in service since 2002 and the designs exude minimalistic confidence and eloquence. 

Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly Table, anyone? Well, Emily Wettstein has designed just that in her Planter Table..

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From the works of Soojin Kang

Thanks Design Sponge! As seen here.

Happy Weekend, my dears! Alas, I'll be blogging in brief spurts for a while but I will miss you all and will be checking in with more fun and inspirational posts when I can:) Until then, have a wonderful start to the Spring!! xoxo, Maha