Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, Hello Gorgeous!

It feels good to finally say March when talking about dates and appointments and what day of the week it is...March is here and that means the faintest hints of spring will tickle our nostrils when there is a warm breeze while out walking. Is that a bit of green between those patches of snow on the ground or are my eyes tricking me? We imagine little buds on tree branches and we hope upon hope its not some frozen raindrop from the freezing rain last night. Birds will start twittering and our ears will be alerted that the first stirrings of life and the little critters we so take for granted during spring and summer are coyly emerging yet again. Ahh, spring. T.S. Eliot had it wrong..April is not the cruelest month, it's March, with its flirting with us for those 31 days. Is it spring yet? Is it not? March, you're such a tease!

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handpainted animals pillows

pewter dip pillows

 Nile tour pillows

Chakra pillows

These are John Robshaw latest collections in pillows. My favorites are the Handpainted and the Chakra pillows. All images via

Amelia Earhart recycled leather bomber and embroidered muslin

Paulo sideboard