Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nienke Sybrandy is a unique artist in her field. Having studied textile design at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, her designs are unique and encompass a wide range of techniques and a respect to its history. Her quotes are almost poetic in their description of why and and how she came about conjuring her amazing creations. Truly an innovator blazing the way for a more thoughtful approach to design and the art of handmade..

Borrowing art has many advantages. The borrower has no commitments, there is always something new to interest you and the view changes from time to time. But there is a disadvantage too: namely the blank space that takes possession of the wall as soon as the borrowed work of art is gone. What remains is a hole that reminds us of what used to hang there... The Waiting Nail makes this spot a sign of promise. It casts its shadow on the emptiness and patiently awaits the art that will come. quoted

Plant Cushion..and it lasts longer!

Curtain computer pixelized image of roots of a tree super imposed on a curtain for hanging.

A curtain of whispering and buzzing voices stops people from looking in, since the common Dutch name for sansevieria is ‘women's tongues’, on account of the plant’s sharp, pointed leaves. as cited here

Women's Tongues photoprint on organza

Seventeenth-century still lifes depicting flowers symbolize transitoriness. Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. To encapsulate this symbolism, these flowers have been cut and thus have died for a second time. as quoted from here

Natura Morte oil print on canvas

Herbarium vases two dimensional porcelain vases