Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Things Come In Fours

Check out these prints from Tezak...perfect little foursomes of every movie favorite! Simply, brilliant...

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The Five Most Expensive Hand Bags

I'm getting into that mindset that ensues before the madness of the Oscars.. Besides all the guessing of who might win, it's really the fanfare and the fashion for me..The flash of bulbs and the camera posing and the "what are you wearing?..." 

It's luxury and a throw back to the regality of Hollywood at its finest! Are you ready to see the luxury that will follow here? These are not your usual suspects of hand bags. Oh no, not the Louis Vuittons or the Coach bags et al..These are the cream of the crop, worth, in some cases, millions of dollars. If you're like me, you'll be satisfied to ogle them from afar and enjoy them adorning someone else's arm..:)

Platinum handbag Ginza Tanaka valued at $2 million

The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag valued at  $261,000.

Only 13 will be made, five of which will be available in the U.S. Each bag will be adorned with 3.56 carats made up of 334 diamonds, 18 carat white gold hardware, and white alligator skin. 

The Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag $120,000.

The Birkin is classically named after singer/songwriter Jane Birkin. The clasp of this 30-centimeter crocodile tote boasts of 10 carats of white diamonds. 

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch, fetching at $100,000.  This particular clutch is made of alligator skin. Its clasp is encrusted with thousands of black and white diamonds all set in 18k white gold..

Leiber's The Precious Rose hand bag will set its owner back $92,000. It has 1,016 diamonds, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 pink tourmalines, all set in 18-carat white gold. And to ensure that one never walks into a soiree worried that anyone else will also be clutching this beauty, only one is produced!

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And moving forward to more attractive, affordable and entertaining fanfare with regards to's a few more fun favorites to enjoy!

Andrea Brueckner Market Tote

Eleni's Bakery based out of New York has create a  designer handbag collection
interpreting, in sugar no less,  the Marc Jacobs Stam bagTod’s big tote, and a shortbread Prada satchel..Fun!

Marc Jacobs silver hearts applique girlish, frilly and sweet!