Thursday, February 3, 2011

Consider this a little sampling of varied tastes, if you will. Women who are inclined to see the world differently than the average layman..and articulating them in varied mediums that are not necessarily commonly used. Contrasting materials are used, but they make a lovely cohesive whole and you have a truly unique vision and a window into how an artist's mind evokes creatively..

Alison Macleod

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One in every color, please.. And a nod to Althia Spuri-Zampetti and her fabulous line of accessories from her 2009 line..

Georgia Russell is an a mixed-media artist who transforms ephemera, especially books into beautiful works of art. Here are some images from her series titled 'The Library. '

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Scottish Artist Georgia Russell uses a scalpel [and obsessive patience] to create altered books which have been cut, very meticulously, into strips and shreds and carefully arranged into beautiful compositions...
Georgia is continually refining her art, creating new and unusual book forms.

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Pretty New

Jaimie Alexander