Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Snow

Chicago doesn't do things if we're going to get a snow storm, it's gonna be a doozy..

I did not get to take pictures because I was pretty much in my driveway all day, shoveling snow for my daughter's school run tomorrow which was cancelled (sigh) so we're home, but a new blog I've discovered has amazing pictures and is right here in my home town...enjoy!

Pritzker Pavilian

Chicago River


yep, that's what it looked like getting to my car...buried in 18 inches of snow!

laundry day


sambucus nigra

red potatoes

red lettuce

working on scarves

sanding and painting floor


vintage sofa

beautiful color

I happened on this post by minimalissimo and I totally defer to their general consensus on the lovely blog grijs, my new favorite minimal blog..

'Loraine is an Amsterdam-based designer. She is prominently known for her minimalist styling, photography, and also for making beautiful fabric creations – even her packaging is very simple and stripped down to the basics.

Her blog Grijs, with its very simple and clean design, is where she showcases her work, process and inspirations. Even her post titles are reduced to symbols and characters that reflect feelings and thoughts.
For me, navigating her website is always a fresh, calming experience and the virtual equivalent of an open, airy, light-filled room.'

Today i Love

Miga de Pan. Everything on here is beautiful and soft and gentle. The colors, the designs and the handmade authenticity. I love the whimsy and the soft colors. Sigh! Please enjoy!

work in progress

Bosque Poufs

small ball pom poms

The work of Florencia Delboy

Diane Squirrel

Farnesio Elephant in natural

Roza la Ortiga shop window

Miga de Pan necklace

Beautiful embroideries

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