Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Danish artist Alidra Alic uses children's books, her love for nature and 19th century paintings as her inspiration for her handmade jewelry pieces. Comprised of contemporary pieces and fine jewelry, her rings especially were wonderous carved specimens of amazing beauty and daring. Miscellaneous titles of her work include 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,' 'Interpretations' and 'Flora'  Go here to see more.




Arum lily



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Wanderings in White, Grey & Black

Today, I feel inspired to wander through blogs and heart the things I like. A study in pristine colors and inspired photography of underwater dreams will follow. Please enjoy:)
Made by a fellow Lebanese, and a graduate of my mother's alma mater! via

Underwater Dream World

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Smoky Alice

Loving this shop. Everything in it is soft and feminine and beautiful. Some of the pieces are perfect weekend wear and would put me in a bright mood! Enjoy!

Check out the isabel shirring dress (in my favorite color)

vanessa loose knit

miu mini dress (love this one, very sweet)

leather backpack (for work or play. Definitely for that woman on the go!)

yves saint