Friday, January 7, 2011

Today I am Crushing

 On... Shak-Shuka. I've been looking for a shop like this for a while. Emma needs a handful of new furniture, clothes, and little knick knacks as she grows out of toddler-hood into a child...Her love of dress-up and rich imagination can be indulged and complimented with my love of organic, natural products...That's why I love Shak-Shuka! Enjoy:)

Themis mobile

Blossom Pin

Horseshoes (small)

Crocheted Raffia stool

Interesting gingerbread house tutorial from here

Symbiotic Green Wall

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I love love embroidery, I can't help but check in on websites that have tutorials because...well, I like to think I'm self-taught in everything I do. Sharing some of my favorites:) 
Learn to stitch it here.