Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nasa has a Flickr (!!)

Do tell. Yes, that one made me smile today. Here's a glimpse into our National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Lunar spector

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Buzz Aldrin on the moon

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New Inspirations in Photography

Beautiful images, surreal and alluring. These are the impeccable works of Andrea Galvani.

Galvani's la morte di un’immagine collection

“Time – one of the core elements of photography – has been central to my research from the very beginning. Acceleration – together with the absence of a defined direction – is leading society towards a sense of time that is single, global, and hysteric; a compressed and artificial time.” -Andrea Galvani

Andrea GalvaniItalian photographer living in both Milan & New York and whose work is known for it’s minimalistic and surreal style often featuring a single subject or group of like subjects. Most of his work features balloons floating through space or grouped together. Galvani primarily photographs animals such as horses, rabbits and other wildlife. He is considered one of Italy’s most promising young artists.

bio quote cited from here