Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tea Time, Ladies

Care for a spot of tea? A little high brow window shopping through out the World Wide Web can produce a plethora of possibilities. Tea cups and their many uses, pretty accessories for adorning and cookies seeped in chocolate are what my heart desires and so enjoy this and have a wonderful week!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I want this...

Is it weird that I want this Sun Shield to offset the damage that extensive amounts of damaging UV rays can wreak on one's skin?? Well, I do and I have no idea how on earth to go about my day wearing this thing while out and about in the sun..maybe someone can come up with a more user friendly version?!

Look Who's in the Papers!


Kamehachi Shutters Streeterville, Moving Wells St. Location

kamehachi-old-town-med.jpgAfter a decade serving tuna rolls, tempura, miso and more, Kamehachiclosed its Streeterville location on June 30 to make way for an expansion by Northwestern Memorial Hospital. OwnerGiulia Sindler said her family had hoped to secure a new location in the area before having to close their doors, but a deal fell through just two days before the location shuttered at 240 E. Ontario.
But not all is gloomy. Kamehachi's main location on Wells in Old Town is about to get a shake up. After spending about 17 years in this spot (the original Kamehachi opened in 1967 about a block away), the restaurant is about to move again. Don't worry, it's not going far.
Sindler said that they have taken over the space that formerly housed Eivissa at 1531 N. Wells, about a block and a half north, and hope to open by September 1. The move will give Kamehachi a fresh start. "In moving the Wells location, we are looking to create a fresher more updated version of the old standard," she said. "[We're] staying true to the authenticity of our Japanese culture and roots while balancing a progression in our brand and concept."
The new 6,000 square-foot space will have seating for 200 plus a lounge/party room on the second floor. The restaurant will also have access to a sidewalk patio and they'll continue the tradition of late-night sushi, which has been a staple at the restaurant.
When they open, Kamehachi will also expand their menu, but Sindler couldn't reveal just yet what they plan to do. However, she did say that their new exec chefChristopher Fennell is working on some creative new dishes and chef Iwao Handa will dig deeper into more classic Japanese cuisine.
Sindler added that once they get the new spot open, they plan on seeking out a new home for their now-closed Streeterville location, which may or may not stay in that neighborhood.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the Pink

In honor of my daughter and my favorite color and the brightness and vibrancy of summer..presenting our favorite pinks for your delight:

“Color is my day-long obsession , joy and torment.”

~Claude Monet

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A Bit of Green

Did you know that you can make cotton clothes out of bamboo? Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that produces 85% more oxygen than regular trees. Bamboo trees reach maturity in four years and do not require replanting and they produce a super soft cotton fabric that allows you to dispel heat from your body naturally and a great fabric to wear during days of high heat and work outs! Bet you didn't know you can be greener by what you choose to wear?!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A How To

Patriotic Streamers:

 July 4th has passed, but maybe we can bookmark this for future endeavours. The colors of the streamers can be adjusted depending on the purpose ( a summer party, birthdays or anniversaries ) since there is no denying a good set of streamers can brighten up any occasion. Check out this lovely tutorial from Dana Made It and celebrate every family occasion in style and lots of color!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Natural Beauty





These are the work of Susanna Bauer. The detail is amazing and awe-inspiring. Can you imagine the time and love of each creation? Thank you Susanna for the inspiration!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Been a While..

I have had so much to be busy with, but I am back (somewhat). Blogging has taken a back seat and it will have to remain so until I am more versed into juggling more than one ball in the air! Enjoy these images (it was an old post I had worked on but never posted). I hope to be back with more inspiration for you (and me) soon..

the surreal

Can you believe these are paper craft models?!

Pure genius in design

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant Style~