Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Year of Pictures and Words

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It's been more than a year of blogging, almost on a daily basis, and I'm still having a good time. That's a good sign, right? It was around this time last year that I found my rhythm, my voice, if I can describe it that way. So I quietly celebrate the event of becoming inspired, without much fanfare, but just by looking back at posts I had worked on, the images collected and poured over, trying to find meaning in what they exuded and what they, in turn, inspired in me. Hopefully, they manage somehow to inspire someone else in the process. No one ever said blogging is easy. It's time consuming, but if you love doing what you do, time is irrelevant. I think I will leave you now with some of my favorite posts, randomly selected, but that stand out in my memory and a heartfelt thanks to you of course, dear readers, for making it out here on this dusty 'ole side of the blogosphere! Please enjoy!:)

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