Saturday, April 2, 2011

Merlion Hotel

From here, I introduced the Merlion and now I wish to mention the Tatzu Nish inspired Merlion Hotel.

Tatzu, the artist and mastermind of the Merlion Hotel, above.

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Amazing, isn't it?!

"This one-of-a-kind installation piece will transform Singapore's beloved iconic landmark into a temporary and luxurious hotel suite, open in the 
day for public viewing and in the evening for overnight stays. the hotel will take in reservations from 28 February 2011. 
Members of the public can book a one-night stay between 4 April to the 5th of  May for two adults at the special rate of 150 Singapore dollars. 
the hotel is fully furnished with a double-bed, bathroom, amenities, personalised room check-in, dedicated Merlion Hotel butler as well as 
breakfast at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore." all text via.

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