Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nicolas Hidiro

We're in Oscar season at the moment and I am always looking at photos of my favorite actors and actresses around this time..can't help it since I love movies and the art of movie making. Nicolas Hidiro is one of those photographers who has every actor, regardless of geography, willingly sit so that he can freeze frame an emotion forever on their faces. His portfolio boasts names such as Catherine Deneuve, Dustin Hoffman, Chloe Sevigny and Asia Argento. Actresses, Actors, Musicians, Directors and Producers, his subjects are powerful people and forces within their own worlds and careers and so are his photos. Enjoy!

asia argento

alanis morissette

carla bruni

catherine deneuve

charlotte gainsbourg

romaine duris

virginie ledoyen

james coburn

marcello mastroianni

isabel hubert

lily allen

lady gaga

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