Friday, January 21, 2011


Ignacio Pilotto is quite the talented designer. His designs range from little birdhouses to Mixx Stix to 'snowflake ice cube trays'...and of course, shout out to the sharpener ring and the cloud bank above which were my favorites Ignacio! :)

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The Carrotbox has the greatest discovery! A little ring named simply 'Daisy in a pot' by 
these designers, that wilts when pressing a button underneath it. Reducing the pressure allows the daisy to rise again and blossom to 'its original splendor.' What a cute playful take on modern jewelry! 

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Oh, Carrotbox, you are my favorite place to frolic and look for jewelry. Loving Nga Waiata's jewelry line. It's so organic and gorgeously robust. It would look great on man's hand as well as a woman's and what more could you want from that..sharing jewelry with your man!

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