Saturday, January 15, 2011

Architecture-A Story of Fiction

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These buildings, though unreal, are quite memorable. Perhaps its that moody ambience or their 'stacked' quality or that air of defiance with which these structures seem to have, some seemingly teetering vicariously on imaginary stilts. Using Photoshop to create his illusory buildings, Filip Dujardin is an 'artist of architecture.' Influenced by fellow Belgium artist Rene Magritte, a great surrealist, Jardin's buildings are his own creations, structurally impossible, as described below, yet perfect on their own.

Dujardin’s mastery of Photoshop is complete; the “seams” where he’s mixed together his source photos are nonexistent. While many of his buildings would be structurally impossible, his ability to create illusions is so good that the buildings begin to seem real.While Dujardin’s work is mesmerizing on its own, it also taps into a rich history of imaginary architecture, both utopian and dystopian. One thinks of German Expressionists and Italian Futurists who drew grand, unbuildable schemes in the early 20th century. cited

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