Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is the Purple-icious Giveaway-CLOSED

The Holidays are around the corner and another giveaway is at hand. This one's going to have a color theme: purple! And it's running for two weeks, ending on Thursday November 11th. So, if you want to get in on the free goodies, increase your chances by telling your friends and family and share in the rewards. Leave a comment and you may be one of the four winners who will share one of the four separate accessories, picked by the random number generator on Two clips: One lavender and the other purple (The Danielle). A Lavender head-band made of sateen cotton and adorned with a lovely vintage like button and a tiny felt leaf. The purple flowers will come in threes and will include this clip:

1. Lavender hair clip/pin with pearlized button, as seen in the collage and in picture number three.

2. The Danielle

3. Lavender Head-band as seen in the collage. 

4. Three flowers and the Red hair barrette pictured above..

The order of the prizes are as numbered. If your name gets picked out of the lot first, you get the Lavender hairclip/pin, second prize winner gets the Danielle and so on and so forth. Good luck and Happy Holidays from my family and I to all of you wonderful readers/customers and bloggers out there. I heart you, wish you a fruitful, safe and wonderful holiday and can't wait to send some love your way:))