Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bizarre Shoes

Kobi Levi has quite an eclectic collection of very bizarre shoes. I had fun checking out his collection and coming up with my own take of the inspirations behind some of them..

Sling shot (that's actually what it's called!)

Heels come in many forms. This one's actually called 'double boot'

Slip your tired dogs into my cat

A seat for your feet

Gum on the heel

Not sure what to call this one..any ideas?!!


Images via and here

The Patrick Townsend Orbit Chandelier..want it!

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Knotted Vases by Judith van den Boom and Sharon 



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Brooklynite architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin recently moved to Portland and while acclimating to their new surroundings and trying to launch a new architecture firm, Mitchell created his very first project in Portland: a hen house. Allowed three hens by Portland authorities, Mitchell designed a modernist 4′ cube, reclaimed cedar siding, windows for ventilation and a green roof. 

Amazing story, isn't it? story from here.