Sunday, October 24, 2010

for the geeks, cooks and those of you endowed with a weird sense of humor (like me!)

R2D2 Vacuum cleaner

Tentacle Pot pie from Not Martha

Being mostly a cat person, I found these illustrations from The Oatmeal hilarious and so true! More here.

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

Based on Aesop's fable of the same name. The cover of the book drew me to it immediately and as I flipped through, realized that the almost wordless book relied on the beautiful illustrations of Jerry Pinkney to tell its story...This book is definitely going into my Christmas list. It's perfect for preschoolers, bilingual children and children with learning difficulties, which Pinkney admitted to suffering early in his life.

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The Lion and the Mouse is a fable about a mouse who, surprisingly, is set free by a lion.  Later, the lion is captured in a net set by humans.  The tiny mouse cleverly sets the lion free, thereby repaying the lion for his kindness and showing that sometimes the strong depend upon the weak.
The only words used in this lovely story set in the African Serengeti are sounds, such as the lion's "grrr," the "putt-putt" of the jeep, and the "scratch" of the mouse as he sets the trapped lion free.  cited

Trompe L'eoil

The toe shoes from Commes de Garcon

nicolas le moigne

Black Oasis Rosalind Dress

Longchamp bags 

NEXT Architects bookshelf, with built-in trompe l’oeil tomes, that are hinged to allow you to replace the classics with titles of your own choosing.

Fendi trompe l'oeil shoes 

A quick gander into some of my favorites on Etsy, and I discovered these lovely pieces..

And my new favorite... Frenchenglish's beautifully stitched bags..