Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily Inspirations...

Stine Ladefoged



                                                       Jessica Darwin



               and... Theorii



I'm in Love with Antik Batik...

Anka shoulder bag

Anka beaded suede necklace

The Natural in Furniture

I'm back to blogging about the things that I love: Art, Architecture, Design. I see trends of clean, simple lines, a throw back to a less cluttered perspective in life that trickles through to our aesthetic, perhaps? I'm not sure, but I love it! I love clean, simple and carefully thought out designs inspired by nature and these designers have captured it beautifully...

                                                Form Organic Wood Furniture by Daniel Widrig


                                                                     Bae se Hwa  Meditation Bench via

                          Soft Stone Pouf  via and here

                                                 Acrylic Glass and Natural Pebbles Lamps and Table   via

                                                                  J.C. Karich

                    Bench inspired by Korean style Hanok house by Cho Hyung Suk


Kaspar Hamacher

                                                  From the works of Kaspar Hamacher

Belgian designer, Kaspar Hamacher creates unique wooden furniture called “ausgebrannt,” which means “burned out” in German.
Tree trunks have been cut in accordance with the desired size. Bark is removed from the outer trunk, fire then used to burn certain parts of the trunk to form a hole which will then form the legs of the table or stool. Amazing, isn't it? via