Monday, October 4, 2010

The Minimal

“You don’t need to live out of a backpack or travel the world to realize the benefits of minimalism. Not everyone can, should, or even wants to live with twenty-five items. However, I believe that you can find more happiness and peace by simplifying your approach to life.” via

sculptural items from shigeichiro takeuchi

fragile bracelet by Digna Kosse 

Minimal (and eerie) from Von Sono

And a little inspiration from Etsy, in case you crave to shop minimal for the Holidays..


                                                                          'Mushroom' by Frederico Erra


Mirjan Flickr photostream

Horse Lamp via

Danish photographer Mikkel Adsbøl. Notice the mysterious and exotic prints in the background...Love! I love a photo with character and I'm always learning from these amazing photographers.

Art Work

Amazing artist and blogger Renee French. I will link to one of her photos and hope you would mosey over to her site to view her work up close. Surreal, dream-like and beautifully talented. Enjoy!