Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Minimal Architecture

In deeply Catholic Poland, the building of new churches is a serious matter. This modern and very modest place of worship is not constructed through the auspices of any local diocese, but rather by a private individual, an anonymous Polish writer. The bucolic surroundings are preserved with this very minimal and neutral structure and does not take away from the natural world around it. And you get a sense that serenity and isolation in thought to pray and contemplate is encouraged. The site lies on the outskirts of Tarnów, a small hamlet on the edge of the Vistula, Poland’s mighty main river. 

The Boys Are Back

Just wanted to share a new fave for me this year in movie-watching. I don't watch as much movies as I'd like to. When I get back to crafting non-stop, I'll probably be crafting and watching again:) But this was on my 'Movies to Watch' list and I loved it. It was raw and endearing. Clive Owen and the actors who play his sons stood out with finely tuned performances. Plus Clive Owen is as dapper as usual. And talking about dapper, see Croupier for him, one of his earlier work. Both highly recommend.


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