Tuesday, July 6, 2010

La Belle Du Jour

Fashion in Film

I saw the film La Belle du Jour many years ago. I revisited the movie recently because I wanted to go over the earlier fashion genius of Yves StLaurent. Catherine Deneuve, playing Severine, is draped in Yves St Laurent in this movie. The costumes are as much a character as the actors themselves. With her perfect ensembles and tight chignons, Severine is shown as a pristine, unmarred vision come to life, devoid of emotion and chilled like a fine glass of white wine. Her hats, furs, dresses belie the sense of ennui and the inner turmoil this housewife turned call-girl is secretly keeping.

 As Givenchy was to Audrey Hepburn, the collaboration between Deneuve and Yves St Laurent extended for many years after La Belle du Jour.


I love this artists' renditions. Innocent, dream-like and evocatively captivating. Her name is Raquel Aparicio. Enjoy more of her work here.


You know I have to get to architecture at least once this week. Here we have  William OBrien Jr.,
architect, coming up with a space so pure and simple and of course uniquely A-line. The space is not awkward at all and I love the window with the light streaming through it and the inset bookshelves. As a previous writer pointed out, it is a highly productive looking space. I can only imagine how much the office environment would benefit from these sharp angles and stark walls..source


It's called Moleskine Art and its got quite a following. Check it out here and here.