Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Foot Fashion for the Summer

Lindacaterpillar@Esty Flip Flop Pencil Drawing

Sandalen (Dutch)
Sandálias (Portuguese)
Sandaalit (Finnish)
Sandali (Italian)
Sandale (Romanian)
Sandales (French)
Sandale (Croatian)
Sandalen (German)
Sandalias (Spanish)
sandály (Czech)
Sandaler (Norwegian)
Sandaler (Swedish)
sandały (Polish)

Summer is here and with summer, the ever rotating staples to add to your wardrobe: summer floral dresses, maritime motifs, crisp whites, elegant shorts, straw hats and, of course, the almost bare foot. So, what are some of the wonderful looks in sandals that you can sport this summer? Look below and check out what I've uncovered from my favorite haunts::

Maracaibo sandals@Anthropologie


                                                               Italian Postcards @etsy


                                                             Soleilduautomne @etsy

Tuto @etsy


Creationsbyeve @etsy Gold sandals with crochet flowers

Sandali on Etsy

Vintage Hera sandals from DearGoldenVintage

Perlé gladiator sandals

Kate Spade sandals @Tavinshop on Etsy

Retrothreadz vintage Gladiator gogo boots

 TantrikaTribe @ Etsy  

Before you slip your feet into a pair of sandals, you might want to make sure that your feet will be up to the task. There is nothing more attractive than a well-pedicured pair of feet 'exposed.' Moisturize those heels and scrub off that dead skin. The best accessory this summer is healthy

tea tree mint foot soap soapscentsation@etsy

Layered scrubby soap for smooth hands and feet soapalyasoaps @etsy

Peppermint pumice soap for Naturallylela@etsy

Peppermint tea tree loofah foot soap @JOANSGARDENS on etsy

Dead sea salt organic foot rub from Anthologyorganic@etsy

Lemon zinger cuticle cream from Madeyoulookcosmetics@etsy

Tree tea anti-fungal foot soap from Whisperingwindzfarm@etsy

Peppermint and tea tree foot balm from Mysticfarms@etsy