Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Most Memorable Trees

I wonder what kind of tree I would be?

If you could choose, what tree would you want to be?

from the most memorable trees in the world

Basket Tree (Image credit: jpeepz [flickr])

Teapot baobab. Image credit: Gilles Croissant

Banyan tree in the ruins of Ta Prohm, Ankor, Cambodia
(Image Credit: Casual Chin [flickr])

 Tule Tree (Image credit: GengiskanhgWikipedia)

The two-legged tree (Image credit: Vladi22, Wikipedia)

Quaking Aspen in winter (Image credit: darkmatter [flickr])

Finally, added in a treasury, which made the FP! (yaay) and here's a few more for your viewing pleasure:

Grey Matters

Softly Summer (my favorite)


and navy-yellow

Now off to make more clips and an upcoming post on recycling (!) Starting next week posts will be sparse..Emma is going to school and I am so mind will be elsewhere until she settles in. Wish her luck:) And have a great Monday! 

XO, Maha &Emma