Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Into Treasuries

It's getting kind of sad making these treasuries. I so enjoy them but no one is seeing them, thanks to the new and enormous Treasury East. Oh well, at least, I can post some pics here for your perusal. Looking at pretty pictures always cheers me up.:)

The bottom two treasuries were curated using shops primarily found using Pounce! 

When the Sun's Out

I am feeling under the weather these past couple of days...sneezing, sinus head aches, and runny nose. Emma had that last week and now I picked it up:( But we did go out to the mall today.. It's an outside mall and I took in the sunshine and it felt good on my achy face. I saw this blog post here from Addiedesigns and I happened on Anthroplogie while out there at Oakbrook. I saw the pretty Melati Hanging Chair and had to take pics! Here are a few pics of Emma I sneaked in before one of the store employees shooed us away..

I also got myself a skirt that Emma really took a shine to. She was the one who decided I should get it (she liked the lace detail) and so I did!

Good thing I took in that sunshine and shopping today. Mother's Day I plan to roll some maki sushi with Emma and I'll post progress of that and maybe a few recipes for some maki rolls;) Share, won't you.. what are your plans for Mother's Day? 


Hannah & baby Youssef, originally uploaded by Tante Bluhme's.

This photo is amazing!, originally uploaded by OliviaWasHere.

Mother's Day Cake, originally uploaded by abigailsbakeshop.

Brought to you by the Color Green

Bo-Kaap, originally uploaded by Mervyn Hector.

Mosaic, originally uploaded by Katarina 2353.