Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Justin Bieber Fever

My kid is hip, she is so savvy as to what is 'happening' now. She is crazy about Taylor Swift's song 'Today is a Fairytale' and at some point, went out errand running with her Dad. He came back a few hours later and told me to somehow get that Taylor Swift song because Emma would not stopping talking about it the whole way in the car!!

Now, she has a new obsession...Justin Bieber's song Eenie Meenie. Well, here's the song for you, for your consideration. Needless to say...I am so scared of when she turns into a pre-teener and a teenager! Oh the anticipation of what will be hip then.

Several treasuries more

And this time I took the screenshot version..finally! Figured it out (because yours truly is truly clueless when it comes to technology) And here we go...

This weekend, I caught Emma crafting, trying to think up Mother's Day cards for me and Daddy and arranging (very carefully) beads into the middle of the felt hearts I had cut out for her...too cute:)

And then I got into my old stash of home-made cards that I had made whilst up with baby at all hours of the night..(this was only the first 6 months of Emma's birth) and marveled at how far she's gotten and how much i miss those delicious cheeks! Well, can see what I mean..

Treasuries and a Featured Seller Interview With Addiedesigns

Two treasuries, Grass is greener is one of them, also found here:

Addiedesigns is run by Sharon, who is the one of the nicest people ever. She encourages me beyond all measure and so many times, privately, I would be doubtful of my craft abilities, she would come through and say something positive, it would uplift me and help me pull through for another day:) Thanks to Addiedesigns for featuring me on her blog and check it out here: