Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The September Issue

If you haven't seen it, then please rush out and rent it. Especially if you're interested in fashion and making clothes. This documentary is simply divine and not just because at the center of it is the magnificent Anna Winour, but because it showcases the inner working of a fashion magazine and the not-so-surprising competitive and cut-throat aspect of it. Anna Wintour is a genius in her circle, a woman who was the first to place celebrities and women of color on the cover of Vogue. She is amazingly shy, demure and slight. But her business sense and her vision is unmistakable and you see at play in this movie as Ms. Wintour and her talented team produce the most important issue of the year for the fashion industry. I recommend highly The September Issue!

I also saw the movie The Young Victoria, which is unrelated to the subject before it except that

A) The movie should have been called What the Young Victoria Wore! The costumes were amazing and Emily Blunt looked amazing in every single outfit procured for her.

B) Emily Blunt was in a movie called The Devil Wears Prada, where she played an ambitious assistant to Meryl Streep, whose character was based on Anna Wintour. This is one of my favorite comedies to date, not just because Meryl Streep is in it and played her part impeccably, but because of the fashion (of course) and the atmosphere of the movie was so light and playful. So much fun! A definite must-see!

Favorite Blog and Shop on Etsy

I love Agnes' floral and creative take on wreaths. Her color combination of each wreath induces happiness and festivity. Colors I would never think would look good together, she combines and makes her wreaths and her corsages look sublime. Her photos are crisp and simple, her products take center stage. You definitely feel she takes pride in what she does and loves doing it. Knockknocking is one of my favorite shops to pop into and my mood changes instantly to happy once I'm there! Her blog is also festive and wonderfully organized, each segment of her blog clearly outlined in a colorful grid to the side. Truly inspirational, Knockknocking is delectable perfection all round:).