Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I like to spend my afternoons on Saturday watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS. One learns so much about food watching that show..I wonder what everyone else is doing on this lazy Saturday:) Have a great day everyone!

Usually after a cooking show, I get inspired for the rest of the week to come up with yummy and healthy food fare (since Chris Kimball already filled my head with more information about the Do's and Dont's of food and cooking). So, here goes, my lentil salad:

My couscous avec broccoli, yum and Emma and I devoured that. 

And my snack, which I found on the fly picking up a cuppa coffee at my neighborhood Starbucks:

Do you think my teaching Emma good eating habits now pay off when she goes to school and sees what the other kids are eating? I hope so. (fingers crossed) :)

Friday Morning

I decided since Emma is growing at a very rapid rate (where is my little cherub faced baby?) that I would do fun stuff with her till she goes off to school. We went to the Dupage Children's Museum in Naperville.

This is what my wild and curious one did that day:

And that evening...

So the last six pictures were a few minutes before we left the museum. And you can't hear me, but I am pleading with Emma to go home (I was pooped!, so much noise, water, bubbles and general mayhem). So, we went home and goofed infront of the camera whilst I got some treasuries settled in to Treasury Main and West. The whole time Emma was yelling," Mommy do I look stylish like this?" now, where did she learn that word? and does it seem clear I got my hands full with this chica?!

The last one is of Emma walking around in Daddy's shoes and mimicking him (she does a good impression:)..ahh my daughter the comedian!) She is almost fully potty-trained and I am very proud of her..she resisted, Lord knows she gave me a run for my money. But she's gotten so much better since then and I am a proud Mama:)

Hope you a great Friday and lots of silly vamping in front of a camera! It does wonders..