Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Sir, With Love

This is the title of one of my treasuries that got on the FP this week. It's also the movie that Sidney Poitier starred in. I love that movie and seen many versions of it played out by actors and actresses, some in non-American movies also. I think the last version that I have seen that I can say pretty much emulates 'To Sir, With Love' would be 'Dangerous Minds' with Michelle Pfeiffer.

This is the craft cult snap shot. For some reason, the sold items did not come up there, but that's okay:) Still happy it made the FP and the shops featured got their moment in the sun.

And in other news, I started adding a few of the snap clips that were completed recently. I need to find a better way to photograph them, however. After making that many treasuries, I know the importance of a good photo and will probably rework many into my existing ones. Some people might be exasperated at the ever-changing criteria that takes into owning a shop. I don't. I love that my shop is this living creature that will go through many metamorphosis until it becomes the little butterfly I envision it in my mind. Well, off to play in the sun for me and Emma. Have a wonderful day and whatever weather you're having, may you find a favorite past-time to enjoy it in:)