Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspiring Women in Art and Fashion

I love love the work of Karen Walker. Besides a classic collection of ready to wear, she has a lovely collection of jewelry that i found endearing. Instant love!

Bridget Riley OP Art

Movement in Squares (1961

Loss (1964)

 Orient (1969)

Riley with her work: left: with her sculpture 'Continuum'' by Lord Snowdon in 1964

''Après-Midi'' (1981) oil on linen, 91" x 77 3/4", photographed in 1982

Optical Artist extraordinaire Bridget Riley. Her pieces are known to be big and overwhelming and I found her work while googling 'optical art.' Her second piece 'Loss" caught my eye and I'm glad to say that I'm quite impressed with her long and consistent ability to put out wonderful pieces of amazing optical experiences..

Finally, my new favorite blogger  and the inspiring story behind it..Besides the fact that Rensz is an amazing seamstress and innovative at that, but her resolute rebellion against mass production and her self sufficiency, well that's just admirable. I love her minimal taste and her ability to work with whatever material at hand. I'll be following her closely and if she ever decides to sell clothes someday, well I'm there:)  

Loved the button on this one

I am madly in love with this skirt!

Images of the process..

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