Friday, November 12, 2010

Etsy Love

I love Ilucka's collections and her site. The collection of dresses and tops and skirts is feminine and flirty. And the loveliest of models dancing around to music as you move your mouse over the pictures. Delectable!

Welcome my new favorite vintage shop! With a dress named Monet's flowers, how could I resist not falling in love with every single dress, skirt and top?!

This is the work of 10amshop, a collection of the work of the incredibly talented Olga Filaktou who compiled works of illustrated notebooks and has an online shop on Envelop filled with screen printed fabric goods of her illustrations.


An eclectic collection of journals with figures drawn to reflect a windy day. And an odd collection of photographs titled 'laundry,' 'leaks,' and some of which were of 'free range eggs,' and 'free range eggs, nude.'

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