Friday, November 19, 2010


Yan To

'We tend to underestimate the kind of impact clothes can have on our surroundings, relationships or even lifestyles. In an image-driven society, what you wear is key and often defines who you are. Style is a major discourse in Western culture and one you can hardly escape from. Fashion has the ability to seduce, transport and convince us, making us want to possess what we aspire to be.' Philippe Pourhashemi 

Boris Schipper and Tomas Pedrosa Arques

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And now....From the Shoe Lust Tumblr (Go check it out and get lost in the amazing collections of shoes!!)

Barbara Gongini spiked heels black

More here. Isn't she awesome?

Pour La Victoire Blu patent heels

Shop for them Here!

Noritaka Tatihana

wedges sculpted red embossed

Favorite Calendars (so far..)

These are from The Wild Unknown and I love them so much! They are so pretty and unique and I'm mesmerized by them..Check them out and thanks to Stephanie Renee who first mentioned them on her blog:)

These images caught my eye and haunted me to the extent that i had to post them and rave about their sheer awesomeness. I have no idea who the artist(s) is, but the brilliant mind behind these works is obvious and unique. Enjoy!

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