Friday, November 26, 2010

Book Binding..A Lost Art Form

I love her work. Her blog goes through her obsession with fabrics, her process and little details about bookbinding that leave me sighing with amazement. For example, there was a post about which side is up in a new book. Here's what Natalie says:

If the bookbinder has signed their work, it is usually at the back of the book. This signature is called a colophon, and might include information about the materials and edition. However, if none of these indicators proves the bookbinder’s intention, the decision is yours. Whichever cover feels like the front to you, so it is. Go ahead, make your mark.

The details that goes into this art, truly impressive. And can you not see yourself writing daily in your journal in these beautiful books, clearing your head and pouring over your inner most thoughts?

      Custom Work, detail

  Antique Lace Album

      Custom Wedding Album

        Autumnal Books

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