Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Treasuries and Lots of Etsy Hugs.

I am moving this week. Getting myself situated and will start making as soon as I get my chair and sewing machine dusted off. I can't wait. It's become my refuge. My life is forever circled around Emma in the daytime. At night, I can let my mind take flight. I am a very private person and not at all socially acute. I don't have a lot of friends. I've been like this most of my life, choosing to stay in and read and write instead of running around with people my own age. Emma is different, so I indulge her youth and need for the physical (as any Mom would) and wait for my time to frolick in Etsyland at the end of the day:)

Enjoy my treasuries for the week. :) xoxo, Maha

Also see it here

The treasury below bears introduction: I love Baudelaire. After T.S. Eliot, Baudelaire's poems were my favorite. I made this treasury and quoted the French writer (but did not leave it as a comment on the treasury itself.) I am sharing it here with you, my dears, so enjoy:)

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