Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recycled on Etsy

My greatest aspiration is to someday find use for all the plastic bags and cardboard bits here and there that my garbage can seems to accrue over time and with the in and outs of life and living. Below, you'll find amazing minds abound that have actually found a way to cultivate what someone else might call discarded trash into amazing treasures..Enjoy..:)

Custom Orchid Necklace from EmilyGracesSuitcase@etsy

Custom Bell Flower Necklace from EmilyGracesSuitcase@etsy

EmilyGracesSuitcase is one such shop on Etsy doing amazing work with fused plastic from recycled plastic grocery bags. Each piece uses discarded plastic bags that was heat fused, hand stitched, braided or crocheted to produce these beautiful floral pieces for your accessorizing needs.

The Newspaper Swirl Ring Dash of Orange from GiaandPindo@etsy

Newspaper swirls, made into rings and cuffs and necklaces, sealed and waterproofed with a satin finished look. Each item is adjusted onto a sterling silver adjustable ring or suede chords respectively, to make them timeless and eco-friendly pieces of adornment..

                         Fused Eco-friendly Necklace from CynthiadelGuidice@etsy

Cynthia del Guidice combines delicate flowers made from recycled plastic grocery bags with cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver chain. So dainty and beautiful …and what a lovely conversation piece to raise awareness of plastic pollution. Via

Both are from Puncture Bags@etsy

Absolutely beautiful! Created from reclaimed, recycled bicycle and tractor inner-tubes. Handmade by Berlin artist and creator Jaap Wijnants from Puncture Bags, who also have a shop on Etsy, along with furniture designer Patrick Kerti. This was a special project, but check out Punch Bags’ other products like wallets, purses and the elegantly designed pencil case.

Finally, artwork created from recycled materials from two former jewelery makers. They don't have a shop on Etsy, but perhaps someday. Harumaki and Hirosher began as jewelry designers in 2003, but were soon to realize the shift in trends and began creating accessories and artwork using unused skateboard decks. Amazing! Cited

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