Monday, July 5, 2010

A Light Break

Hello there Blog friends. So happy to be back, posting and blogging. Missed you all. Been busy hanging with the Girl and the Hubby. Eating, frolicking and trying to keep cool (it's been hot and humid in Chicagoland so far) Hope you all had a great July 4th Weekend! 

Alright then: Let the fun begin;)

Summer Cabin



Mostly Images, Fashion...from a Man's Perspective. Source here .

Mosely Tribes Lyndel Beaded Edition..source

I obsessively skim the web looking for the latest trends in sunglasses every summer. Goes back to my days when I used to sell  high- end ones many years back..I am a huge fan of Linda Farrow's many collaborations in her line of sunglasses. There's even word that there may be a collaboration with Lady Gaga on some vintage eye wear looks very soon. One can only imagine the results...

 Check out some of her eclectic collection here.

Aren't these cool? Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow eyewear. source here and here

Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow. here

 Linda Farrow and Tim Hamilton functional frames. source

Je t'aime Nautical

The Interesting...

From the mind and art work of Iain Macarthur. source

Finally, there's James Joyce the novelist and James Joyce the illustrator. As a former Literature major, you can imagine my initial amusement at that discovery..

Oh Me Oh My by James Joyce, 2010

Ruby by James Joyce, 2010

 Digital Sculptures by James Joyce, 2010

Rainbow Cup by James Joyce, 2009

Want to see more? Check it out here.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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