Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vintage Love

“I love vintage clothes because they seem to make extravagance less costly to obtain, and I like to imagine the story behind each piece. Who wore it, where did she wear it, and who did she meet? Was it her favorite hat? Did she save up for it? I love the mystery of vintage clothes.”

Dita Von Teese on the allure of Vintage. source

Dita von Teese and the full skirt. source

Very Sleek and Retro. source

Marlene Dietrich inspired. source

From Etsy, we have a number of choices that Vintage lovers could appreciate. Please enjoy the timeless pieces below..

50's blue glass beaded dress from NodtoModVintage@etsy

Boticelli original gold lame from Abigailprada@etsy

1960s Cotton summer dress from Fireflyvintage@etsy

Homespun Vintage Linen between 80 and 120 years old from CoolVintage@etsy

1950s Vintage Lilli Diamond Designer Dress from TimelessVixenvintage@etsy

1960s Party Dress from Tigercult@etsy

1940s Wedding Shoes from Bibbysrocket@etsy

1950's Etienne Aigner Hand Basket Purse from Littleveggievintage@etsy

Gray Cloche from Katarinacouture@etsy

Antique Hand Woven Rug from Dailymemorandum@etsy

Life is Peachy Bloomers from Nenee@etsy

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