Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ChalkBoard Wanderlust

Love these images from Anthropologie. A whimsical chalkboard setting makes every piece of fabric, lace and trim pop gloriously with vibrant color. link 

Check out more chalkboard inspiration below...

                                               Mapped out meal on a Chalkboard table. Sweet. link

In using the chalkboard in the home, the possibilities can be

Some chalkboard options in a child's

More ideas and chalkboard

Chalkboard Wall source

As seen in the Living Space and organizing in the Kitchen  source

As inspired from the wonderful 500 Days of Summer. If you haven't seen it, hurry up and rent it! Besides being the best movie to come out in 2009, the impeccable interior design in Tom Hansen's (Joseph Gordon Levitt's character) apartment is so quirky and fun. Love!

What a cool way to keep you child occupied while you make dinner! link

An inspiring message to help launch a bit of small talk at

Chalkboard accessories to reuse again and again. How ingenious! link