Monday, July 19, 2010

Across the Universe



Pink Tartan

Harricana par Mariouche

Jeremy Laing

Lida Baday

Loved these collections from these Canadian Designers. Very eclectic.  

These ultra-cool sunglasses are from Dragon Alliance and they're eco-friendly. Link

Architecture and paper crafts combined. A Laser cut rendering of artists' house by Olaf Eliasson.

Find recycled t-shirt rugs on etsy from talkingsquid.

 Love this. Can only imagine the work that went into it..Plantarubra Lenastudio@etsy

He was a true artist: “Robe en plume d’oie a corset et cagoule” from Alexander McQueen

The 2010 Resort Lace Dress

The Apaya collection from Aqua Creations. Lighting sculptures composed of Merino and Mohair wool. And you thought wool was exclusively for wearing...

This should make dieting easy. A scale that recommends meals based on your weight..

Lighten up your mood..from Henrietta Swift 

Happy Monday Everyone! XO, Maha

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