Monday, June 7, 2010

Stephanie to the Power of Deux-Part II

I absolutely Loved Stephanie Zimbalist. She had an understated beauty coupled with intelligence that was unique to what was popular in the 80's. Plus, she was a detective, which was, by all accounts, is what I aspired to be when I grew up and it's still my aspiration in life, by the way;)...Her character is the doppel-ganger Stephanie. Focused, young, ambitious, idealistic, and secretly looking for love. Laura Holt, private investigator, opens a detective agency but seeing that noone wants to trust a woman with their case, she invents Remington Steele

The pretense cannot hold up for very long, however, and eventually Laura finds and employs Pierce Brosnan, who keeps his real identity and past a secret, even from Laura. The two embark on adventure upon adventure together in the series, entertaining us with the sexual tension between Laura and Steele and their ability to 'crack the case' together using her investigative powers and his penchant and knowledge for all things related to murder-mysteries in classic movies.

Power suits, cropped jackets, a-line skirts, dress shirts. Simple, refined, preppy and of course, Laura Holt's own signature touch, the hats she wore to make her stand out from all the other standard mystery series femme fatales..

The following is what I see Laura Holt wearing. Each item is grouped starting with the clothes and followed by likely accessories..

Long silver banana earrings lilujewellery

As for Remington, who always had a pocket square,an appreciation for the three-piece Italian suit and the accessories that went with it; collar pins and stylish cufflinks, anyone?  What would a man of impeccable taste like Mr. Steele wish to acquire? Perhaps a nameplate from a vintage typewriter? Or an Italian watch to flash in front of his clients? Or rare glass cufflinks? Take a look and decide..


Steampunk Industrial ring from qacreate@etsy

Attache case from sketchbook

Vintage Prada tie from Pranceandswagger@etsy


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