Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stephanie to the Power of Deux-Part I

Just a note: We are all abuzz here because our little baby is going off to school for the first time on Monday, albeit it be summer school, but her father and I are super excited you'd think it was our first day and not hers! Below is a fun article I wrote up a while back. I love puttering around Etsy in my off hours, but now it'd have to be in spurts and lulls, so enjoy this and I hope you'll still stop by here to check out what's new in my world that day:)

So I read this blog post by Teenangster aka Allison from the Etsy Blog and she posted this, which got me thinking..what was my TV inspiration growing up in the 80's?

I was a skinny gawky young teenager back then and like Teenangster, affixed in front of the family TV, living through my favorite TV shows, studying Alexis' outfits on 'Dallas' and Ana Alicia's graceful movements on 'Falcon Crest' and Cybill Shepherd's sophisticated banter with Bruce Willis on 'Moonlighting.' But if you asked me today who did I truly study, in her form and demeanour and the ease of her elegant costumes and outfits, I would say..."hmm, it would have to be a pretty close race between Stephanie Zimbalist and Stefanie Powers, of Remington Steele and Hart to Hart respectively."

It's true, I adored both women. Both typified impeccable breeding and both are intelligent, beautiful women in real life and in their shows. Stephanie Zimbalist was younger, but appeared to be more serious and she dressed it. Her character Laura Holt was uptight, a conformist and a foil to Pierce Brosnan's Remington Steele, a bit of a dandy. Stefanie Powers, though older, seemed a little more comfortable in her skin, a little more relaxed in her dresses and suits. The show was breezy fun and sophisticated all in one breath and both Robert Wagner and Ms. Powers seemed to have both chemistry and charm. I miss shows like that! Don't you? It was entertaining, campy fun watching both Stephanies solve the mystery-murder at hand!

Mr & Mrs Hart and Max (Lionel Stander) and Freeway the dog.

Below, some outfits I put together for Stefanie Powers' character Jennifer Hart as I imagine her in her jet set lifestyle, fighting off villians and murderers and solving mysteries and quelling espionage with style and glamor. 

The first outfit, as she crashes a high profile event with her husband trying to foil a plot to abduct an important foreign statesman..

Here, a more casual option, as she lounges on her art deco furniture and waits for her husband before one of their more exciting murder-mysteries, where she quickly dons her shoes, grabs a stylish clutch and she's ready for adventure!

This outfit, I imagined a garden party in California (the setting of their show) at dusk. Mrs. Hart and her husband try successfully to break into the invitee's safe and discover he really is the under-cover jewel thief!

Vintage 80's Almond Toe Suede Fawn Heels in size 8

And here, a wet day, caught in the rain, yet the Harts, nonetheless, effortlessly tail the car in front of them and Jennifer Hart pulls off the edge of your seat cliff hanger with style with nary a hair out of place..

And finally, as the case draws to a close, Mr and Mrs Hart return to their sprawling opulent California estate, settle in infront of a warm, cozy fireplace, a rad-looking dense shag rug. With a clink of their wine glasses and light banter, Jennifer Hart takes us through another metamorphosis as a wealthy Californian dame..

In my next post, I will tackle the style and fashion of the lovely and brilliant Laura Holt! And I might even add in a little of Remington Steele :)