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Princess Diana: In Life and Fashion

 No one can deny that the late Diana Princess of Wales has left an indelible mark on our social consciousness, becoming an iconic figure in 20th century history. We cannot forget the short 36 years of her life, documented fervently since she was nineteen years old until her death on August 31, 1997. Following is a collection of pictures of her most famous photographs and the historical relevance they would have on her life. Tragically, Princess Diana of Wales would have turned 49 this year on July 1st. 

Auctioneer Kerry Taylor arranges a calico prototype of Princess Diana's silk wedding dress, which is displayed at Sotheby's auction house in Paris May 17, 2010. The collection, taken from the royal archives of dressmakers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, was auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions in London on June 8, 2010. cited: (Philippe Wojazer/Reuters)and update 

Elizabeth Emanuel also designed the distinctive pink chiffon blouse - worn on loan by Lady Diana Spencer in an official engagement photo by photographer Lord Snowdon. The photograph showing Diana wearing the  blouse appeared in Vogue magazine shortly before her engagement to the Prince of Wales was announced.

The Royal Wedding on July 29, 1981 and the Wedding Dress as designed by
David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

This black taffeta evening gown was worn by Lady Diana Spencer on her first official appearance after her engagement to Prince Charles on March 9, 1981. The event was a recital at London's Goldsmith Hall in aid of development of the Royal Opera House. Many dignitaries, royals and public personalities were in attendance(such as Princess Grace of Monaco in the above photo), thus the gown has historical appeal. The gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the same designers who created Diana's wedding dress.source

Balmoral Estate, 1981, vacationing before their marriage. She was nineteen, he was thirty two.

From Aussie Womans Weekly

Diana's earlier look was rather simple: back-combed, heavily lacquered hair, simple accessories, very formal almost dowdy dresses to portray royal dutiful wife and mother. 

The young Diana; doeful eyes, the up-turned face and shy smile and demeanour. 

The infamous see-through photo of Diana,sun streaming through her dress. An innocent pose on her part, a deliberate one manipulated by the media. Before her betrothal, she worked as a teacher at the Young England Kindergarten. Photographer Arthur Edwards, 1980.

Vintage 1980's Princess Diana Derby Style Hat - Crochetta Label from Lyndell@etsy.

She is seen here wearing a gold woven bracelet, which was a popular 80s trend.  Her famous sapphire engagement ring is on her ring finger, which has 14 diamonds surrounding the oval blue stone.  On her right hand she is wearing a diamond eternity band and a pinky ring which may be a plain gold band or a signet ring. 

A close-up of the ring..

Princess Diana inspired ring:
Sapphire ring with pavé diamonds, price upon

Sapphire and white gold ring from DianasStainedGlass @etsy

The Kensington Gardens from Londonxox@etsy

Her fashion sense, along with her persona, evolved. Minimalist, sexy, confident. She appeared a tall, electrifying figure, showing off her fit physique and her impeccable fashion sense in all her public functions and photos.

Prince Charles and Princes Diana during a visit to South Korea in 1992. In December of that year, Diana and Charles announce their separation.

Ahh yes, the show-stopping black dress that she wore in June of 1994, the same day that Prince Charles gave a televised heart to heart with journalist Jonathon Dimbleby and admitting to his infidelity. It will be forever the angry response that Diana gave to that admission. She wore obscure Greek designer Christina Stambolian's dress to an event at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. She paired the dress with bright red nails and Manolo Blahniks. The next day, she overshadowed her husband's interview in the papers with the blaring title in The Sun quoted "The Thrilla He Left to Woo Camilla."

Costume Institute Gala on January 30, 1995 in a Catherine Walker gown and choker.

At a benefit  for breast cancer research in Washington on Sept. 24, 1996.

June 3, 1997, arriving at the Albert Hall for a gala performance of Swan Lake in a light blue Azagury dress.

The Lady Dior became one of Princess Diana's favorite bags, hence the name. It was reported that Princess Diana ordered every available version and color of the bag, including a black crocodile, a pink ostrich and a black satin.

The Lady Dior bag named after the late Princess Diana.

This 1991 Christmas card was the last one showing Charles and Diana together. Their separation was announced in 1992. Their divorce was finalized in February 28, 1996. 

“Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children.”Princess Diana

In April 1987, the Princess of Wales was one of the first high-profile celebrities to be photographed touching a person infected with HIVShe would go on to become the queen'of the people's hearts,' radiating sympathy, empathy and compassion to the sick in the hospices she visited. She threw herself into her charity work as her marriage crumbled and amid frenetic reports of her battles with depression and bulimia, choosing AIDS and bad land mines as her mission to protect the weak, the sick and children.

The Last Sitting: 
Princess Diana's last photo shoot with famed photographer Mario Testino five months before her death as the time of the shoot coincided with the first anniversary of her divorce.

"On the day of the shoot, in a studio in South London, he just started talking, about this and that, nothing too personal.  Mario has a marvelous voice - very warm, very satisfying, like one of those macerated cherries you get at the bottom of a good Manhattan.  He just kept it light.  He put on some music - Dalida, a French dance diva... the energy started to percolate.  She got into it, laughing and tossing her head back and throwing off the most languid looks."

exerpt written by Cathy Horyn from Vanity Fair, July 1997.

'With her go the hopes of a world that had turned her life into part of its own projected biography, a fragile hope for a happy-ever-after even in the face of adversity. To many, her struggles blended into the hobbling steps of this 20th century as it limped toward some vague promise of millennium. The crash in Paris is a tragedy so overpowering that it becomes a torrent of feelings. There is no clear significance. There is only loss.' As excerpted from Time September 1997.