Sunday, June 13, 2010

From Around the World

Random Images. Creative Vision. Innovation. 

welcome art in all its forms

 Australia's nation-wide campaign to revive the art of letter writing..


I love the name of this flickr photostream: 'the proletariat designer'

Nikon cake by fsumaria

Pendant Tee Light

Tea lovers exalt, now you can light it and drink it!

One for All and All for One
Wine Dispenser for the table 

The Trash Me Lamp
Made of disposed egg cartons. 

Not sure who will get into those, but they are original!

Gardening gone Guerrilla 
Flower grenade, just throw it..and grow it.

Wasara Paper Tableware

Elevating paper plates to another level:
WASARA tableware is made from reed pulp and sugarcane waste, both completely biodegradable. 

With his unique take on cutlery, Artist David Clarke had me looking differently at my silverware..

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