Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye Candy

Let's start with some eye candy.....

Gumdrop wreath Justpretty@etsy

and move on from there....
                          it should only get better!

The classically beautiful Grace Kelly. Howard Conant is the photographer. They were taken in 1955 on a vacation to Jamaica with her sister. Check out more gorgeous pictures of this timelessly beautiful woman here.

Crumple VII, 2009 Acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 96 x 128 inches,  

Yes, this is a painting, not a crumpled piece of paper. 
Artist is Tauba Auerbach. Project: The crumple paintings which are perhaps the most mesmerizing and intriguing in the whole Deitiech Projects. The illusion of a crumpled surface is constructed from large Ben Day dots, and only visible upon standing far away from the work. This created an element of play for the viewer, a visual sensory delight. Cited from and video available here.

And..See more here

Museum At F.I.T

some images of dresses from designer Isabel Toledo

Caterpillar Dress, 1998. 
Photo by William Palmer taken from FIT website

Hermaphrodite Dress, 2005.
 Photo by William Palmer taken from FIT website

Kangaroo Pouch Dress, 1993.
Photo by Karen L. Willis taken from FIT website
found from here

Halston's "American Beauty Rose" gown, photo Amy Brittain. from here 

black and white photography

photographer andy julia

photographer todd schoenbaum.

photographer michele clement

photographer maurizio polese

photographer ansel adams

photographer toni frissell

Vintage Bathroom as cited from here

From here

Townhouse in Landskrona..

Loved this: Swedish architect Elding Oscarson has completed a modern house in a street of traditional terraced cottages in Landskrona, Sweden. The house, which is just five metres wide, fills a gap in the street that has been vacant for over 50 years.

Black Afghan



Black Afghan

Universum Edition 1

i fell in love with these scarves. they remind me of the sights, colors and geometric designs of long past. i minored in Middle-Eastern Art and Architecture in college and these scarves have a strong Arabic influence. even the labels and names of the collections are Arabic in origin. a work of art around one's neck. beautiful. from John De Maya.

Happy Monday All! xo, Maha