Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Day of Fun-A Post From Emma

Hi! This is Emma. My Mom is puttering in the kitchen and I managed to hack in before she comes back. It's just that easy for me to get in and post about my weekend! I've got all kinds of juicy details and happenings. Mom always wants me to try new stuff, so this weekend we did just that and I managed to sneak in some Emma Time (goofy faces, monkeying about and general kid silliness). We started the day with Mom waking me up, had breakfast watching 'Word World' and the most dapper dog around 'Kipper.' Then around 9 am Mom got me to brushing my teeth and I put on my favorite shirt and pants and coolest pink sneakers and off we went. My adventure consists of geese on lawns, climbing rock walls (cool) swinging real high and laughing hysterically (try it! it's fun) trying on my uncle's different collection of caps (he's getting bald) and making sure I make enough silly faces for a whole roll of film!

This is the play ground. I think I lost my favorite sunglasses there and was quite upset until Mommy put me on the swings and tickled me in mid-air and I felt okay after. I even tried to slide down on the slide on my stomach and I plan to go there tomorrow and try it again! Wicked fun! See you guys later. Signing out, Emma ;-)

That's me with a banana smoothie moustache...and wait a'd that get in here?

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